Air Freight Companies

Directory of air freight companies, air cargo carriers providing logistics services.

Air Freight Companies Directory Listing

National Air Cargo Services

National Air Cargo is a leading air freight companies offering airlift solutions at short notice with a comprehensive fleet of aircrafts including AN-26, AN-12, L-100, IL-76, A-300, DC-8, DC-10, B747-400F, AN-124 and AN-225 with payload options ranging from 4 tons to 250 tons for your shipping needs.

DHL Air Freight

DHL is a global leader in air freight, carrying 12% of the total worldwide market. Its operations are managed from over 150 countries, providing trusted, quality air cargo services to and from all key markets.

ASTAR Air Cargo Carrier

ASTAR is the name you trust for fast, reliable air freight services. Serving the world's largest international air express network, DHL, the U.S. Postal Service and other leading air freight brokers, forwarders, and consolidators, ASTAR is a clear leader among air cargo carriers.

UPS: Air Freight Service

UPS is a global provider of air freight/cargo solutions as part of their Supply Chain solutions practice.

Southwest Cargo Solutions

Southwest Airline's Air Cargo service is a trusted freight service with their "Relentlessly reliable" service seven days a week.

AmericanAirlines Cargo

American Airlines provides an industry leading air cargo service for all your shipping needs by air.

ABX Air Freight Services

ABX Air is a global FAR Part 121 cargo airline offering a variety of airline-related training, including dispatch training, flight training, and simulator time.

Fedex Air Transportation Services

Fedex offers air freight solutions to handle your shipments, whether they are 500 kilograms or an entire 747-200 freighter. FedEx Trade Networks provides trusted airfreight services between North America and all major world markets.

AirNet: Air Cargo Airline

AirNet is the third largest air cargo airline in the United States, AirNet is the leading provider of expedited and specialized transportation solutions. specializing in small package delivery, with flexible and secure handling and delivery options.