Fleet Management Software Companies

Directory of fleet management software vendors providing GPS fleet tracking services serving the logistics and supply chain management industry.

Fleet Management Software Company Directory

Fleetmatics Fleet Management

Fleetmatics is a trusted fleet management software services company enabling businesses to meet the challenges of managing local fleets, improving their productivity and extracting actionable real time insights based on both driver behavioral and historical vehicle data.

Teletrac GPS Fleet Tracking

Teletrac’s Fleet Director software is a leading solution for maximizing the productivity and performance of your fleet. With innovative technologies that reduce fuel consumption, overtime and unauthorized vehicle use, Fleet Director enables trucking fleets to operate at their best and ensure compliance.

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Fleetilla: Telematics

Headquartered in Michigan, Fleetilla is a privately held gps fleet tracking company at the forefront of GPS fleet security, vehicle and trailer tracking, and fleet management.

Fleet Trax: Fleet Management Software

Fleet Trax specializes in GPS truck tracking, working with its clients to efficiently maximize productivity from their drivers whether company managed and off-site truck fleets.

Asset Works Fleet Management

FleetFocus from Asset Works is one of the most robust fleet management software applications on the market tracking all functions related to truck maintenance including processing repair and preventive maintenance, operating expense capture (e.g., fuel, oil, and licensing), as well as billing and tracking of truck usage.


Fleetio is an Alabama based company providing innovative fleet management software.

Fleetgistics: GPS Truck Tracking

With over 12 years of fleet management experience, Fleetgistics is a trusted fleet management software software company amongst an increasingly complex maze of technology and vendors. If you are looking beyond the companies that offer a single GPS tracking system and are here today and gone tomorrow, look no further than Fleetgistics.

Apptricity Fleet Management Software

Founded in 1999 Apptricity specializing in fleet management software solutions as part of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) developed for large organizations.

Collective Data

Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA; Collective Data is a provider of high-end fleet management software services. If fleet management is mission critical to your organization and you are looking for enterprise level support, Collective Data is up to the challenge.