Kitting and Assembly

Directory of Kitting & Assembly services from trusted Warehousing and Fulfillment Companies.

Kitting and Assembly Directory Listings

KP Kitting Services

KP is a trusted vendor to manage even the most complex kitting and assembly project. Through constant communication combined with world-class facilities and state-of-the-art-technology, KP ensures that your project is done correctly, efficiently, and in a timely fashion.

A2B Kitting & Assembly

a2b is a leading solution to meet your kitting and assembly neds. Whether it's boxing, bagging, sorting, repair work, software installation/testing, refurbishing, labeling, apparel tagging/prepping, kitting, returns processing, or countless other activities, contact a2b for a kitting services solution.

Tagg Kitting and Assembly

Tagg Logistics is a full service packaging, kitting and assembly provider with facilities in St. Louis, MO and Sparks, NV utilizing the latest in equipment, technology, materials and personnel to meet a wide variety of client requirements.

AMS Kitting & Complex Assembly

If it must be packaged or assembled by human hands, AMS is the logistics and order fulfillment company to see. AMS offering high capacity and quality kitting service at facilities in Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California and the Santa Fe Springs / Buena Park area within Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

Integra Core Kitting

Integracore is an Atlanta based logistics and fulfillment company that has perfected the art of kitting, assembly and pick, pack and shipping for its clients.

DHL Kitting/Assembly

DHL is the trusted choice for sub-assembly/configuration, kitting, packaging, and manufacturing logistics. Work with DHL and get more than an efficient labor source who understands the speed and sensitivity required in today's rapidly changing industrial market.

SIS Kitting

Based in Charlotte, NC SIS specializes in kitting and subassembly services that allows its clients to meet their lean manufacturing objectives with seamless delivery and execution at a lower cost than if performed in their facility.

Lindner Kitting/Light Assembly

Lindner Logistics of Milwaukee, WI provides kitting and light assembly covering two of the most expensive and time- consuming steps in your manufacturing process. Partner with Lindner to improve product quality and minimize labor costs.