Logistics Acronyms

The logistics industry moves fast whether you are a 3pl company, trucking company or a client. Every year that goes by it seems that a new acronym or abbreviation is created to short hand terms used everyday to conduct business. Here is a list of Logistics and Trucking acronyms that are regularly used in the industry.

Common Logistics Acronyms

3PL – Third Party Logistics
4PL – Fourth Party Logistics
ABC – Activity Based Costing
ABM – Activity Based Management
AOM – Advanced Order Management
APS – Advanced Planning System
ATP – Available to Promise
BOL – Bill of Lading
BOM – Bill of Materials
BPR – Business Process Reengineering
CMI – Co-Managed Inventory
CPFR – Collaborative Planning and Forecasting Replenishment
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CRP – Capacity Requirements Planning
DRP – Distribution Resources Planning
ECR – Efficient Customer Response
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EOQ – Economic Order Quantity
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
FAK – Freight All Kinds
FEFO – First Expire First Out
FIFO – First in First Out
FTL – Full Truckload
FTZ – Free Trade Zone
GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight
JIT – Just-In-Time
LIFO – Last In First Out
LO/LO – Lift-on/Lift-off
LTL – Less than Truckload
MPS – Master Production Schedule
MRO – Material Repair and Overhaul
MRP – Material Requirement Planning
NIFO – Next In First Out
NVOCC – Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers
OMS – Order Management System
OS&D – Over, short and damaged
POS – Point of Sale
POD – Point of Delivery
POE – Point of Entry
QR – Quick Response
RFID – Radio Frequency Identification
RMR – Retail Management Replenishment
RTV – Retail Management Replenishment
SCE – Supply Chain Execution
SCM – Supply Chain Management
SCP – Supply Chain Planning
SKU – Stock-Keeping Unit
TMS – Transportation Management System
TOFC – Trailer on Flatcar
TQM – Total Quality Management
UFC – Uniform Freight Classification
VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory
WIP – Work in Process
WMS – Warehouse Management System