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Indiana University: Logistics Degree

Indiana University offers a highly rated undergraduate supply chain management degree at its esteemed Kelley School of Business. IU's BS in supply chain management and logistics provides a broad-based curriculum in strategies and techniques for effective management of supply chains.

Arizona State University School of Supply Chain Management

The ASU WP Carey Department of Supply Chain Management provides outstanding academic instruction and research that advances knowledge in global supply chain management. It is consistently ranked among the top 10 logistics degrees in the US. ASU's our faculty is globally recognized for expertise in procurement, supply management, operations management, logistics and supply chain performance optimization and offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Michigan State University: Supply Chain Management School

Michigan State University Logistics & Supply Chain Management faculty have been a leader in logistics education for over 25 years. The MSU SCM school is the most widely recognized logistics program in the United States and offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

University of North Texas: Undergrad Logistics Degree

The University of North Texas Logistics and Supply Chain Management undergraduate program provides you a well-rounded, state-of-the-art education in logistics and supply chain management using a "learn today, apply tomorrow" classroom philosophy.

Colorado State: Supply Chain Management & Logistics Certificate

Colorado State offers a supply chain management certificate as part of its undergraduate program. This certificate is built around the topic of managing the supply chain that plans, sources, makes and delivers an organization’s goods and/or services.

Clarkson University: Bachelors in Logistics

Clarkson University of Potsdam, New York offers a bachelors of science in supply chain management and logistics. The GSCM curriculum takes a systems approach, which includes concepts and faculty from operations management, marketing, information systems, human resource management, strategic management, and economics woven together into a comprehensive undergrad logistics degree.

University of Illinois: Supply Chain Management Major

U of I's Supply Chain Management major is a rigorous program open only to select students with an active interest in logistics and supply chain management. A minimum 3.25 GPA is required to apply to the program.

University of Maryland: Logistics & Supply Chain Degree

Students in the University of Maryland supply chain management program use state-of-the-art software applications to develop ways of increasing the efficiency of the flow of goods and services across organizations, from suppliers, to manufactures, to retailers, to end consumers. Supply Chain Management majors often double major with complimentary majors like Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, International Business and Finance.

Syracuse University: Undergrad logistics program

Syracuse University's supply chain management and Logistics degree at the Whitman school of management is a comprehensive program covering inventory control, risk sharing, supply chain planning, buyer-seller alliances, information flows, transportation and production management. Those who major in supply chain management at Syracuse must take two required courses and two major electives to quality.

Rutgers Supply Chain Management Program

The Rutgers undergraduate program in SCM is designed to help students master a variety of the latest supply chain management strategies and technologies. Course work covers a diverse set of critical diciplines within supply chain and logistics including global sourcing project management, procurement and business risk analysis, logistics operations optimization, enterprise information systems, sales and operations planning, importation and exportation, demand fulfillment and more.