Pallet Companies

Directory of pallet companies and manufacturers compiled by a logistics professional.

Pallet Company Directory Listings

Chep Pallets

Chep is the leading global pallet manufacturing company. They are known for their industry standard 48x40 inch quality wooden pallet, ideal for transport and storage of goods in a variety of industries.

Peco Pallet Company

The history of Peco Pallet starts back in the late 1990s when a large overseas corporation had a near-total monopoly on the pallet market. Peco pallet was formed of a group of 18 independent pallet recyclers who came together to form a better alternative.

John Rock Pallet

Founded in 1973 John Rock & Company is a trusted pallet manufacturer born through hard work and devotion to customer needs. Known as "America’s Premier Pallet Manufacturer" John Rock is the company for the job.

Rehrig Pacific Plastic Pallets

Rehrig Pacific reusable plastic pallets are the sustainable alternative to wood, metal, and paperboard pallets. For nearly 100 years, Rehrig Pacific has made products that give customers a competitive advantage.

Berry Industrial Pallets

Berry Industrial is a respected, women owned national pallet manufacturer and wholesaler headquartered in Nyack, New York.

Larson Pallet

Founded in 1969, Larson Pallet are the Pallet Professionals. As the Bay Area's most reliable and responsive pallet company, Larson lives up to any challenge.

Allied Pallet Company

Allied Pallet was founded in 1972 by Bill Newman in Providence Forge, Virginia. Allied manufacturers new hardwood and softwood pallets as well as remanufactured pallets from recycled materials.

Texas Pallet

Headquartered in Balch Springs, TX, Texas Pallet has manufactured and supplied quality pallets to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for the past 27 years.


PalletOne is the largest new pallet manufacturer in the United States operating 17 facilities in 11 states and employing over 1,300 people. PalletOne offers unparalleled expertise with over 40 years experience in the pallet industry as a company you can trust.

Cabka Pallets

Cabka offers quality plastic pallets in many sizes and with various load capacities in over 40 countries worldwide. Cabka is a leading in the manufacturing of CPP plastic pallets for transportation and warehousing.