Michigan Logistics Companies

Directory of Michigan logistics companies, Michigan warehousing companies and third party logistics(3PL) providers serving markets including the Detroit metro area, Flint and Grand Rapids, MI.

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Evans Distribution: Detroit 3PL

With more than 80 years of experience providing 3PL services to Detroit, MI; Evans is responsive, dependable and dedicated to helping you serve your customers. Evans offers a variety of flexible and customized options, you can use one or two of our services separately or combine them for a completely integrated logistics solution in the Detriot Metro area and beyond.

Michigan Logistics Quotes

Get Competitive warehousing quotes from leading Michigan third party logistics providers serving markets including Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint, MI.

Columbian: Grand Rapids Logistics Provider

Based in Grand Rapids, Columbian is a leading michigan third party logistics provider driven by an innovative spirit. Columbian will improve your supply chain using teamwork as a tool while focusing on legendary customer service.

Michigan 3PL Jobs

See the latest available 3PL jobs in Michigan. Learn more about careers in the logistics industry in Michigan.

Ryder Logistics Michigan

Headquartered in Holland, MI, TLC (Now Ryder Logistics) is one of the largest and most trusted Michigan 3PL providers serving the food and consumer good manufacturing industries. As the independent logistics arm of one of the world's largest retailers, we combine operating excellence with global economic resources to bring new value to our clients supply chains.

Ramirez Automotive Logistics: Dearborn

Ramirez Automotive Logistics of Dearborn, Michigan was founded in 2001 in response to the automotive industries growing demand for flexibility, expedited service and competitive pricing from vehicle transporters. Alfred Ramirez crafted a network of alliances and contract services of professionals to drive operational cost and efficiencies as a leading automotive logistics company in Michigan.

Transportation Outsource: Flint, MI Freight Management

Transportation Outsource Partners of Flint, MI is a leading Michigan freight management and logistics company that will handle your most difficult transportation needs. Let’s face it, unless you are a logistics or trucking company, transportation is not your core business.

Linc: 3PL Michigan

Logistics Insight Corporation is a leading Michigan 3rd party logistics provider based in Warren, MI. Through partnerships of integrity, dedication and commitment to our customers, Linc's mission is to become your number one resource for complete supply chain logistics solutions in Michigan and throughout its expansive network.

Metro International Trade Services Detroit

Metro is a top Detroit based global logistics and warehouse operator with a network of 19 warehouses in the Detroit metropolitan area (some of which are operated by Goldman Sachs.) Metro specializes in the storage of metals for the London Metal Exchange including Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Plastic, Steel, Tin, Zinc, Plastic Resin & Steel Billet.

Trinity Warehousing: Kalamazoo, MI

Since 1988, Trinity Warehousing Services, Inc. has been a leading Michigian warehousing company offering practical solutions to the storage and distribution problems that are often encountered in today's business world. Trinity Warehousing Michigan offers a secure, clean and heated environment for the short or long term storage of anything from raw materials to finished goods.